County’s Reorganization Plan for Cascadia

Here is the County’s Reorganization Plan for Cascadia (1 MB PDF) assembled document consisting of

    The Cascadia Plan, June 16 2008
    A Memorandum of Understanding between the State of Oregon, Multnomah County and Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, June 16 2008

    Cascadia Behavioral Heath Financial Condition, memo from June 11

Our response to these documents.

1. The reorganization of Cascadia is tantamount to the reorganization of the county mental health system.

2. The goals and outcomes of the plan reflect the interests of county and state government. The outreach and contact the reorganization leaders had with those affected by the system’s change was not sufficient. According to the Surgeon General’s mental health report of 2002, 2.2% of the general population has a severe and persistent mental illness, and each of those persons has 4.5 persons who are closely attached to them – friends and family members. In Multnomah County this equals approximately 15,000 and 67,500 = 82,500. The largest County meeting in the past year about this issue drew less that 1/1000 of this number and the majority of persons at that meeting (at Benson High School) were employees of Cascadia or Multnomah County. The goals and outcomes selected may have been considerably different if those directly affected by the reorganization were brought to the discussion as equal stakeholders.

3. The plan as released is without sufficient background data, such as accounting and clinical measures, and for many items without measurable outcomes.

4. The reorganization still leaves Cascadia in financial jeopardy and other community agencies scrambling to build space and hire staff. The agencies named in the report are mature and capable of growth, but providers for at least two large communities – Gresham and inner N and NE Portland – are to be named later.

5. The plan is ambitious and intrepid but leaves behind the question of whether the County has the capacity to monitor contracts.

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