Cops Say Video Release Is Unfair

From the Portland Mercury, October 30 2008

Earlier today I linked to Nick Budnick’s Tribune story about the release of new video footage showing the cops who arrested James Chasse, in the jail booking area, talking about how they tackled him to the ground. Now, Police Chief Rosie Sizer and the City Attorney, Linda Meng, have put out a statement:

It’s interesting to note the city attorney attacking the Chasse family’s lawyers for releasing the video. They don’t explain why the internal affairs investigation into the officers’ behavior, relating to the death, remains incomplete more than two years after the fact. Where’s the fairness in that, I wonder?

The statement also appears to contradict public relations wisdom, which is: Don’t attack the distributor of the message, attack the message itself. Or stay silent. Attacking the lawyers for releasing the video to the press is likely to leave the public asking, “is that all you got?” It’s Palin school…almost comes across as haughty. Very strange.

Maxine Bernstein has more coverage at the Oregonian.