Chief Mike Reese objects to proposed police review changes

From OPB’s Think Out Loud, Oct. 28, 2013

LISTEN – Interview with Portland Police Chief Mike Reese

Portland Police Chief Mike Reese delivered strong remarks to the city council this week about proposed changes to the system of investigating complaints about police and officer-involved shootings. The director of the Independent Police Review (IPR) Division told Think Out Loud before the council meeting that these changes were needed in order to comply with the city’s 2012 settlement agreement with the federal Department of Justice (DOJ). The agreement came after incidents involving police use of force against people with mental illness and a lengthy DOJ investigation.

In his remarks to the council, Reese said the changes — especially the ones that would affect how the IPR conducted investigations — are not necessary and that the current system is “working well.”

Mayor Charlie Hales, who oversees the Police Bureau, has put the issue off until the city council’s December 4th meeting.