Chasse Files: Medical accounts for CHASSE v HUMPHREYS

You can now download and read new and important documents from CHASSE v HUMPHREYS, released to the public July 2 2009. These documents are posted here as an independent, impartial and permanent public service.

The attached 44 page document includes

    Page 1-9, Transcript of video deposition of Deputy Philip A Hubert III, taken on behalf of the plaintiffs (portion), January 24 2008
    Page 10, Toxicology report for James P Chasse, September 20 2006
    Page 11-12, Information Report by Patricia Gayman, RN, refusing to admit Chasse to jail, September 17 2006
    Page 13-25, Autopsy report for James P Chasse by Karen Gunson, State Medical Examiner, September 18. 2006
    Page 36-40, Transcript of video deposition of State Medical Examiner Karen Gunson, taken on behalf of the plaintiffs (portions), July 2 2008
    Page 41-43, post-mortum pictures of James P Chasse.
    Page 44, photograph of the scene of the beating, 12th and NW Everett, by Jamie Marquez


This document was provided by the plaintiff’s attorneys in CHASSE v HUMPHREYS.

We’ll gladly post additional documents from the defense, or evidence which contradicts the documents linked here.