Cascadia Was Floundering in June 2007

Multnomah County was well aware of financial troubles at Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare over a year ago, as shown in a brief assessment from MTM Services of North Carolina.

READ – Cascadia Assessment Report for Multnomah County

The assessment shows a snapshot of Cascadia at the time, including comments on

    High administrative and overhead costs.
    Difficulty with communications and performance between programs.
    Low clinical productivity as measured by other, similar organizations.
    Inadequate and unstable billing and and ‘enterprise’ computer systems.
    Wayward compliance with computer documentation.
    Missing or incomplete treatment plans for 42% of Cascadia’s open and current clients.

The assessment also includes a proposal to assist Cascadia to remedy the problems listed. I’m uncertain who had access to this assessment or what steps were taken in response to it.