Butts found incompetent to stand trial, will be forcibly medicated

By Rob Manning, OPB News, Feb. 27, 2013

Daniel Butts

Daniel Butts

The man accused of killing Rainier police chief Ralph Painter has been found incompetent to stand trial. Judge Ted Grove ruled on the competency of Daniel Butts Wednesday afternoon.

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Police say Butts fatally shot Painter more than two years ago, after the chief had responded to reports of an attempted car theft.

Butts’ defense team argued over the course of several days that their client was unable to cooperate with them because he had a mental illness. The defense’s psychiatrist suggested Butts might be suffering from schizophrenia.

Police say Butts appeared lucid when they first questioned him.

Prosecutors contended Butts was faking it, in the face of aggravated murder charges.

Judge Grove has now ruled that Butts is not able to aid and assist in his defense.

In official comments filed at the courthouse, the judge has mandated that Butts be returned to the Oregon State Hospital.

The judge’s comment mandates treatment including “the involuntary administration of anti-psychotic medications.”