Bill Requiring Insurers to Cover Autism Advances

From Disability Rights Oregon, May 3 2009

Last week, the House Health Care Committee passed out House Bill 3000, which requires health insurers and state medical assistance programs to reimburse families for the diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder. House Bill 3000 was one of the recommendations stemming from last year’s interim work group charged with looking at autism in Oregon. The bill now sits in the House Rules Committee as legislators continue to work on it. Oregon ranks near the top nationwide for the percentage of children diagnosed with autism.

Other recommendations of the work group include: establishing a statewide standard practice and procedure for diagnosis of autism, increasing funding to expand the number of highly trained staffers and to the number of hours of service that young children receive, and providing training about autism for all teachers and school staffers. Many of these recommendations have been put on hold due to Oregon’s budgetary concerns. Governor Kulongoski, however, has created a Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder to develop a state plan and implement strategies for future years.

READ – Oregon House Bill 3000 – Requires health insurers and state medical assistance program to reimburse for diagnosis and treatment of autism spectrum disorder.

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