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We’ll look back on 2008 as an unkind year to the administration of community mental health services in Portland. Budgets were cut, programs were canceled, staff members were laid off, the Oregon Health Plan continued to retract. Anecdotal evidence shows persons well-trained and willing to help became discouraged and left the industry seeking better pay and better management. Newspapers hounded agencies with stories of abuse and neglect.

Worst of all was the very public collapse of Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare.

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In 2009, Cascadia still exists. The nonprofit organization has a new executive director and a new Board chairman. It has viable, if not profitable, contracts for services, and seems to be able somehow to maintain. Cascadia still provides mental health and addiction services for thousands of people in the Portland metro area.

With transformation come reasonable questions – which all can get answers.

Derald Walker, executive of Cascadia, and Rick Cagen, board chairman of Cascadia, have agreed to answer questions, in writing, in public, through the intermediary of this web site.

We’re collecting questions from the public NOW. If you have questions about Cascadia Behavioral Healthcare, please send them to You can ask questions anonymously.

Questions will be collected and forward to Walker and Cagen, who have agreed to respond in writing. The questions and answers will then be posted on this web site.

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