Archive: Washington’s State Hospitals and COVID 19

Here are articles and reports about the Eastern Washington State Hospital and Western Washington State Hospital and COVID 19. To read the archive for Oregon State Hospital and Oregon State Hospital at Junction City, go here. The items in this post link to complete texts in posts on this website. In those posts there are links to the original articles and reports.

As number of COVID-19 cases rises, alarm grows among staff at Western State Hospital, April 7 2020

Psychiatric social worker Maria Claudio shows off one of the homemade masks she’s made for herself and co-workers at Western State Hospital.

But these days when she gets home, she has a second job waiting for her: making homemade masks for her colleagues who are on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Western State Hospital to move patients out to relieve staff; 16 workers, 6 patients have COVID-19, April 3 2020

State mental health officials plan to release as many as 60 patients from Washington’s largest psychiatric hospital in order to reduce some of the stress that the new coronavirus has placed on staff at the 850-bed facility, officials said Friday.

Sixteen workers and six patients at Western State Hospital have tested positive for COVID-19 and one patient died.

Virus: Hospitalized patients in Washington state higher than early reports, April 9 2020

About 1,000 patients in Washington state hospitals have confirmed or suspected diagnoses of coronavirus, according to a new count that shows earlier surveys had undercounted such admissions.

The Seattle Times reports that Washington State Hospital Association statistics, current as of April 7, include 664 confirmed and another 331 suspected cases of the disease caused by the coronavirus. About half of the cases are in King County hospitals.