AMR manager says he takes complaints seriously

Randy Lauer, General Manager of American Medical Response

Randy Lauer, General Manager of American Medical Response

From, August 28 2009

An ambulance company general manager took the stand Friday defending his company in a $5 million lawsuit.

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Randy Lauer of American Medical Response of Oregon said he takes complaints about his paramedics seriously. But Royshekka Herring, who is suing the company, said she believes she would not have been molested by paramedic Lannie Haszard had AMR done more to prevent it.

Herring and three other female patients were sexually abused by Haszard in the back of ambulances.

Lauer said that while his company took complaints very seriously, Haszard was very good at hiding his crimes.

“I feel terrible for what happened,” he said. “Such a convincing liar and that he did this to our patients. It’s disgusting.”

Herring’s attorney, Greg Kafoury, however, questioned whether the company was forthcoming with law enforcement about Haszard’s complaint history.

Herring took the stand within the last few moments of the trial day to give jurors basic information about herself Then court adjourned. She will resume her testimony next week.

Herring’s lawsuit is the first of five filed against AMR in connection with Haszard.

OUR COMMENT – American Medical Response is also a primary defendant in Chasse v Humphrey. Their employees, Tamara Hergert and Kevin Stucker, claimed in sworn testimony to have checked James Chasse for injuries after he was beaten by three police officers in September 2006. His autopsy the next day showed multiple contusions to his head and chest, broken ribs and a broken shoulder, a torn spleen. According to witnesses, as Hergert and Stucker checked Chasse, he cried out for mercy and for medication.