Adopting a Vision Statement for a Consumer and Family Centered Mental Health System


The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Finds:

A. On May 4, 2000 the Board of County Commissioners adopted Resolution No. 00-063 creating a Mental Health Design Team “to work with county, state, and community personnel to develop short and long term action plans to improve County mental health services.”

B. The Design Team has determined that an underlying vision and a unifying philosophy is needed to guide system design efforts. This vision and philosophy should apply to services for adults, children and adolescents at all levels of care.

C. The Design Team has recommended that the Board of County Commissioners adopt the vision statement expressed in a “Consumer and Family Centered Mental Health System”.

The Multnomah County Board of Commissioners Resolves:

1. The values and principles described in the attached document “Consumer and Family Centered Mental Health System” will provide the underlying vision and unifying philosophy for the mental health system in Multnomah County.

2. County Departments that provide mental health services will distribute this document to all employees and to appropriate contractors, advisory board members and other partners.

3. County Departments that directly provide mental health services will incorporate these values and principles into those services to the fullest extent possible.

4. County Departments that contract for mental health services will include these values and principles in all relevant contracts and will insure that these values and principles are incorporated into the services delivered through those contracts.

5. The Department of Community and Family services will provide leadership in the collaborative development of a training program to increase system-wide understanding of these values and principles. Planning and implementation of this training program will include consumers, members of their support teams, families and providers.

6. The County will work with community advocates and organizations to encourage State and Federal policy makers to develop and fund programs which are consistent with this vision statement.

ADOPTED this 28th day of September 2000.

Beverly Stein, Chair
REVIEWED: Thomas Sponsler, County Attorney