Family of James Chasse v. City of Portland – deposition & discovery items

Below are items from Family of James Chasse v. City of Portland deposition & discovery.

Family of James Chasse v. Christopher Humphery, Kyle Nice, City of Portland, Rosanne Sizer, Tom Potter, Bret Burton, Multnomah County, Patricia Gayman, Sokunthy Eath, Tri-Met, American Medical Response, Tamara Hergert, and Kevin Stucker – PDF

Multnomah County 2015 Corrections Grand Jury (Final)(1)
Witness location map
Williams – Everett & 13th diagram
Weldon – Everett & 13th diagram
Training Division Review presented to Use of Force Bd – Oct
Training Division Review – Oct 2007
Toxicology Screen
Sudden Death Syndrome Training
Stuart – Everett & 13th diagram
Soltani 092406 e-mail to Det Rh
Soltani – scene diagrams
Saltzman Statement – 110409
Rice 0709 letter to Dr. Glick
Prehospital Care Rpt – Koppy
Prehospital Care Rpt – Hunter
Prehospital Care Rpt – Hergert
PPB Use of Force Data – 2006
PPB 1051.00 – Post-taser medical
PPB 1010.20 – Medical Attention
PPB 1010.10 – Medical Attention
PPB – PPDS Case Involvement for Chasse
PARC 2005
PARC 2003
Pahlke – Everett & 13th diagram
Noll (Rice) 0408 let to Steenson
Nice Discipline
Nice – IAD interview
Nice – homicide interview
Nice – Everett & 13th diagrams
Nice – Chasse injury diagrams
McElhaney’s Information Report
Marquez photo with Niiya identifiers
Loghry – Everett & 13th diagram
Lillegaard – scene diagram
Leonard – ‘Unjustifiable & Inexcusable’
Issues re Violations of PPB Training and Policy
Issues re Summary of Humphreys’ Use of Force
Issues re PARC Findings & Recommendations
Information Form – Hergert & Hs
Humphreys’ Use of Force Rpt
Humphreys’ Special Rpt
Humphreys’ Personal Statement
Humphreys’ Discipline Memo
Humphreys’ Custody Rpt
Humphreys – IAD 2nd interview
Humphreys – IAD 1st interview
Humphreys – homicide interview
Humphreys – Everett & 13th diagram
Humphreys – Chasse injury diagram
Hubert’s Information Report
Hollenbeck’s Information Report
Hergert Declaration
Harley’s Special Report
Gonzalez’s Special Report
Gonzalez – jail & parking lot diagram
Ginsberg – homicide interview
Ginsberg – Everett & 13th diagram
Gayman’s Information Report
Gayman – jail diagram
Gayman – jail cell & Chasse diag
Gaylord – Everett & 13th diagram
Force, by #s – Portland Tribune, 103106
Foot Pursuit Training
Dr. William Brady Report
Dr. Ronald O’Halloran Report
Dr. Richard Maunder Report
Dr. Gerald Warnock Reports
Doolan – Everett & 13th diagram
CIT-Mental Health Awareness Training
Chief Sizer’s 0806 memo re disc action
Chief Foxworth’s 0604 memo re disc action
Chasse Family’s ‘Fact Sheet’
Burton’s Special Rpt
Burton’s Hazard Rpt
Burton – IAD interview
Burton – homicide interview
Burton – Everett & 13th diagram
Branch’s Information Report
BOEC transcript
Betham’s Special Report
Berg Memo
Autopsy Report
091706 MDT That Wasn’t Rock
091706 MDT Stinky in Car
091706 MDT GLAD U R OK
091706 MDT Chasse Query
0706 PPB Ex Ord re Foot Pursuits
Hospitals – maps
Humphreys – use of force graphs
Humphreys deposition freezeframe – Chasse demo
Jail – maps & photos
James P. Chasse, Jr. – map & photos of life
James P. Chasse, Jr. – Or photo ID card
James P. Chasse, Jr. photo
NW 13th – photos
NW 13th to jail – maps & photos
NW 18th to 13th – maps
NW 18th to 13th – photos
Police stories vs truth – annotated
Police stories vs truth
Summary – civilian witnesses re force on pavement – annotate
Summary – civilian witnesses re force on pavement
Summary – officers re force on pavement – annotated
Summary – officers re force on pavement
Training Division comparison
Anderson Transcript
Barber Transcript
Bernard Transcript
Bledsoe Transcript
Branch Transcript
Burton Transcript – redacted
Carter Transcript
Doolan Transcript
Eath Transcript – redacted
Famous Transcript
Foxworth Transcript
Gaylord Transcript
Gayman Transcript
Gentry Transcript
Ginsberg Transcript
Glanz Transcript
Gonzalez Transcript
Henderson Transcript – redacted
Hollenbeck Transcript
Hubert Transcript
Humphreys Transcript I – redacted
Humphreys Transcript II – redacted
Koppy Transcript
Lillegaard Transcript
Livingston Transcript – excerpts
Loghry Transcript
Malloy Transcript
Marquez Transcript
Martinez Transcript
May Transcript – redacted
McElhaney Transcript
Nice Transcript – redacted
Niiya Transcript
OKeefe Transcript – redacted
Olson Transcript
Pahlke Transcript
Reeb Transcript
Sizer Transcript
Soltani Transcript
Stuart Transcript
Szalay Transcript
Weldon Transcript
Wickemeier Transcript
Williams Transcript

PPB Roll Call Training – Hobble Review & Excited Delirium

Created in July 2007. Released in trial deposition. This document is not confidential.